Team Workshop

Building a Strengths-Based High-Performing Team

Step into a transformative 2-day workshop designed to ignite your team’s potential through CliftonStrengths.

Empower your team to confidently embrace and amplify their strengths for excellence, all while heightening awareness of the blind spots inherent in their innate talents.

This workshop journey is poised to catalyze a new level of team collaboration, innovation, and collective growth.

What you’ll discover

  • What are your growth and development aspirations?
  • What are your innate talents?
  • How do you confidently turn your innate talents to Strengths to succeed?
  • Blind Spots of Strengths – What do you need to watch out for?
  • How can you communicate your Strengths to others?
  • How can you engage and navigate your team through the phases – Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing?


Experience a personalized coaching journey designed to align with your unique leadership goals, challenges, and aspirations.


As a cohesive unit, the team will learn how harness the power of each team member’s unique abilities and navigate challenges with newfound insight.


As communication barriers dissolve, new channels for innovation open up, enhancing productivity and driving unified success across departments and functions.

The workshop spans two intensive days, designed to maximize engagement and learning.

While there’s no strict minimum, an ideal group size is around 10-30 participants to facilitate interactive engagement.

Both options are available. The workshop can be conducted either in-person at a location convenient for you or through virtual platforms for seamless engagement.

Absolutely! The workshop can be customized to address your team’s unique challenges and objectives.

No prior knowledge is necessary. The workshop is designed to accommodate participants of all familiarity levels with CliftonStrengths.

The workshop incorporates a mix of interactive activities, discussions, and exercises designed to engage participants and promote learning.


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